A vegan Fraiser!

My name is Miriam, I am a research scientist but almost every evening I trade my lab gown for an apron (no, I really don’t, I actually don’t wear aprons, the thrill of vegan cream stains on my pullovers is something I wouldn’t give up) and bake. Either because of ethical or health reasons, some of us just seem not to be able to get a dessert at the end of a meal, except in rare cases. When it comes to dairy free or vegan desserts I am usually presented either with fruit (fruit is great, but sometimes you just want a chocolate tart with that silky ganache), or with a dry vegan cake, but most frequently with nothing. So I decided to take the matter in my hands and learn a few tricks to bake and cook for myself whatever I want. 

What will you find here?

  • Sweet recipes: probably 70% of the recipes I will post will be desserts. I just love them and I am obsessed with how cute sweet stuff looks. In particular, I love French patisserie, and as French patisserie is the least vegan/dairy free friendly I can think of, one of my main purposes in the kitchen is to recreate what I saw in Paris’s pastry shops without having to suffer unfathomable consequences.
  • However, I am also a huge fan of savoury bakes, so from time to time you may see a spinach-tofu strudel or a quiche with a special crust pop up.
  • Mostly vegan recipes, but also gluten free ones!
  • Answers, hopefully! I usually found myself (and still do) looking everywhere for the substitute of something difficult to find, or the conversion of gelatine to agar, when to use only the super thick part of coconut milk and the whole can etc. So, since I am a detail lover and also a bit chatty, I will give as much information as possible about this, but I am also happy to answer your questions (if I can).

As I would love to bake every single day of my life but I cannot do that, otherwise my husband will go in conspiracy mode and accuse me of being involved in “operation whale” to make him obese, I happily accept commissions! I have earned a safe home baking certificate and I can assure that not a droplet of milk has ever entered my kitchen (or life) and for any other allergens: I will keep them very very far away. I know what allergy means as I have tried it on my own skin and I am super serious about that. 


By cakefiles

Baking blogger with a particular interest in vegan patisserie.

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