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Strawberry and white tea tart (vegan)

Hello! 💚 it took a while but I managed to write down another recipe! This vegan strawberry and white tea tart was so delicious and the fun part is that I baked in 3 hours because I dropped the cake I had prepared for dessert – so this one was improvised but incredibly successful.

The tart has several elements:

⁃ Almond sable shell with lemon zest

⁃ Almond croustillant

⁃ White tea creme pat

⁃ Strawberry and white tea namelaka (I used @sheeseuk)

⁃ Matcha sable biscuits, fresh strawberries and vegan meringue to decorate

Recipe and ingredients! If you want to bake it in 3h I would suggest this order: 1) pastry shell, 2) while the pastry rests make the namelaka and freeze it, 3) croustillant, 4) creme pat to pour once done in the shell (that has to be a bit cool)

Almond sablé

160 g flour

100 g butter – it should be cold and cubed, I usually like the vegan block one for this kind of pastry because it’s harder and works better

60 g icing sugar

40 g almond flour

Pinch of salt

Zest 1 lemon

40g melted vegan white chocolate

1 tbsp almond milk

Mix flour and butter until the texture resembles breadcrumbs. Add the icing sugar, almond flour salt and lemon zest and mix. Finally add the melted chocolate and bring together the pastry quickly, add the milk if needed. Rest in fridge for 1h. Roll out and line the tart tin, you will not need to poke holes as sable pastry doesn’t puff in the oven. Freeze for 30’ then bake at 170’ fan with baking beans for 10-15’ and 30 more minutes at 155 fan without the beans.

Almond croustillant

50g melted vegan white chocolate

20g caramelised almonds (in a pan with 20g sugar, splash of water)

1/2 tsp black pepper

Spread on the pastry shell and let set. This will also prevent it from becoming soggy (well in general sable doesn’t get soggy but this layer, like when brushing melted chocolate, helps when you are adding more layers of filling)

White tea creme pat

320+55g almond milk – the 55g have to be retained for the namelaka

100g sugar 

Zest 1 lemon

30g cornflour 

4g white tea

Warm the milk with the tea leaves. Let sit for 1-2h. Discard the pods, warm the milk again and then pour on the sugar and cornflour mix. Whisk well and return to heat. Keep whisking until it thickens, remove from the flame and whisk for a couple extra minutes. Pour in the tart shell.

Strawberry and white tea namelaka

100 g strawberry puree

35 g almond milk infused with tea

4,5 g agar agar

5 g glucose syrup

80 g vegan white chocolate

68 g cold vegan heavy cream

150 g cream sheese

While melting the vegan white chocolate or making your own (melt 70g cocoa butter, then blend in 20g soy milk powder and 20g icing sugar) warm the tea infused almond milk, the strawberry puree, the glucose syrup and the agar agar together, let simmer. Pour the mixture on the melted white chocolate in 3 batches, stirring well to combine. Then move to a blending glass and emulsify. Once the mixture is cool enough (35C) add the heavy cream to the wire and then the cream cheese. Once everything is blended, pour in the mould and let set in the freezer for at least 2h.

For the match biscuits – use the same recipe as for the almond sable but add 1 or 1 and 1/2 tsp of matcha powder depending on how intense you like it to be.



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