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Boozy 70s vegan tart

Last week I went to a friend’s to watch The bird with the Crystal Plumage by Dario Argento. I love Argento and his (first 8) films, they are so thrilling and stylish so I thought I could tribute the 70s masterpiece with a proper tart. It’s a grapefruit-vodka (absolut) -geometric tart and it was so good.

My commitment to a movie night is full on. I also wore a proper 70s outfit. I don’t see why not matching clothes and food and drinks with a film, it makes it more immersive. Do you ever do that?

Sablee pastry

160 g flour

100 g butter – it should be cold and cubed, I usually like the vegan block one for this kind of pastry because it’s harder and works better

60 g icing sugar

40 g almond flour

Pinch of salt

Zest 1 lemon

40g melted vegan white chocolate

1/2 tbsp almond milk

Mix flour and butter until the texture resembles breadcrumbs. Add the icing sugar, almond flour salt and lemon zest and mix. Finally add the melted chocolate and bring together the pastry quickly, add the milk if needed. Rest in fridge for 1h. Roll out and line the tart tin, you will not need to poke holes as sable pastry doesn’t puff in the oven. Freeze for 30’ then bake at 170’ fan with baking beans for 10-15’ and 30 more minutes at 155 fan without the beans.

Vanilla lemon pastry cream

400g almond milk

Zest of 1 lemon

2 tbsp lemon juice

30 cornflour

65g light brown sugar

Turmeric powder

1 vanilla bean well scraped

Cook the milk, lemon zest and vanilla until warm. Then filter out the bean and the lemon zest and pour the warm milk on the sugar mixed with cornflour and turmeric powder for colour. Whisk well until you cannot see lumps than bring back to the stove and cook and whisk until silky and thick. Pour in the pre baked shell.

Grapefruit jelly with vodka

300g grapefruit juice

40f caster sugar

3.5g pectin

4g agar agar + 10g water

60ml absolut vodka

Cook the juice and when warm add sugar and pectin. Keep cooking until hot and then whisk in the agar and water mixture and the vodka and quickly bring to a boil. Do not cook over 2’ so that the flavour of the vodka stays.

Pour over the tart in your favorite pattern. I used acetate sheets as barriers when creating my design.


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