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Swan Stracciatella Semifreddo (vegan)

It’s super hot today in London and it definitely is still summer.Tomorrow is going to rain and temperatures are going down but it won’t be cold for a while. So why not wholly enjoy this weather (or even if the weather was bad) and why not enjoy a vegan stracciatella semifreddo? My husband who adores stracciatella and is not vegan loved it and he said it really tasted like stracciatella gelato.


Biscuit base

Vanilla biscuit

50g vegan butter

30g light brown sugar

80g flour

1tsp vanilla extract

Chocolate biscuit

50g vegan butter

30g light brown sugar

75g flour

1 tbsp cocoa powder (I used valhrona as the taste is very intense)

Cream butter and sugar with a whisk until pale and fluffy. Incorporate the flour+vanilla and the flour+cacao for the chocolate biscuit, shape dough and let sit in the fridge 30’ wrapped in cling film. Roll out the dough 5mm thick and cut your biscuits, bake at 175c fan for 10-12’.

100g of biscuits + 50g of melted butter will make 6 bases: blend the biscuits and mix with the melted butter, spoon in the rings evenly and freeze.

Stracciatella semifreddo

50 glucose syrup

50 agave syrup

125 creme fraiche (I used oatly and it’s fantastic)

130g vegan whipping cream (I use emlea)

70 coconut cream

50 almond milk Alpro

1/2 tsp agar

Chocolate chips, chopped in bits – I used caillabaut 75

FAC: tempered chocolate swirls*

Mix the creme fraiche and the syrups in a bowl and set aside. Warm the almond milk with the agar agar, bring to a boil and set aside to cool.

Whip each of the two creams, separately. If you do not like coconut cream you can use 200g of vegan heavy cream and if you cannot find vegan heavy cream you can use coconut cream only. I personally like to combine the two because coconut cream is very rich and dense, but won’t whip as well as the whipping cream, and the whipping cream adds lightness.

Once the milk and agar mixture is cooler give it a whisk so that it’s well combined and combine it with the creme fraiche mixture. Then fold in the coconut cream that you have whipped and finally incorporate the vegan whipped cream. Fold in your chocolate.

*to add texture, I chopped in bits the chocolate chips and I melted some with a double boiler system, then I tempered the chocolate but cooling it down very quickly with a spatula spreading it very thinly and then after it was set, I used the spatula to lift swirls of chocolate to fold in the cream, so when you bite into the semifreddo you have a proper stracciatella feel. I realize this is a bit too detailed oriented but I would do it again!

Caramel sauce

100g light brown sugar

40g vegan butter, chopped

55ml coconut cream

Start by making a dry caramel. Add 50g of sugar to a heavy bottom saucepan, when it starts melting keep an eye on it and add the rest of the sugar. Mix it removing it from the stove and then put it back until everything is melted and the sugar has that lovely amber color. Now it’s time to add the butter and whisk with a balloon whisk to combine on the stove. Remove from the heat and add the cream, whisking vigorously. Remove the pan from heat and let cool.


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