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Leeks, spinach and beets pie (vegan)

I grew up eating vegetarian pies usually made with puff pastry and filled with spinach and other delights. I wanted to stick to my favorite filling, which is spinach and leeks and I used tofu to make it creamy and a trick to obtain the perfect leek pattern. This recipe is quite easy and quick to put together, and super satisfying.

Ingredients and Procedure:


Pie crust

240g flour 

2g salt

1tbsp beetroot powder

115g vegan butter

20g cold water

Mix flour and butter until mixtures feels like breadcrumbs. Add the salt and beetroot powder and mix, then add the cold water and quickly being the dough together. Flatten in a disc and rest 1h in the fridge. 

Blind bake for 15’ at 170C fan before baking with the filling.


Baby spinach – a bag/100g

150g tofu 

1 or 2 leeks (depending on size) 

1 tbsp agave/maple syrup

1 tbsp brown sugar 

1 tsp cumin*cardamom ground

Salt and pepper to taste 

Blench the spinach in hot salted water, then blend with the tofu. 

Cut the leeks 3/4 of a inch thick. Cut approximately 2 medium leeks or a very big one. 

In a sauce pan, lightly  caramelize the sugar with the syrup, then add in the spices and seasoning. 

Spread the spinach and tofu filling in the pre-baked tart shell. Push the leeks circles in. Brush with the spicy syrup. Cover with another layer of leeks. Bake for 20’ at 170C until the pastry is well baked. 

Once cooled down, remove the first layer of leeks (they will not be as neat as before due to the baking) and reserve to eat with something else (as a side, or in a salad or as the base for a quick stir fry), so that you are left with a very neat layer on leek circles. Enjoy out of the oven or cool. 🙂 


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