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Mango, strawberry and passion fruit trifle (vegan)

Happy Saturday! The sun is not really shining, but spring is long overdue so I am recreating it in my kitchen, this time with this delicious parfait! I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I did, it was so lovely (I had it for breakfast, it reminded me of something I used to have as a kid in an amazing pastry shop in Italy, that was a tiny dessert that over there is called “zuppa Inglese” which means English soup literally, and it’s basically a trifle).

Almond sponge 

80g brown sugar

70g all purpose flour

20g almond flour

1g baking powder

1g baking soda 

1g salt 

60g almond milk 

1/2 flax egg (1.8g flax seeds + 20g lemon juice)

40g rapeseed oil 

Sift the flours and the baking powder and soda together in a bowl, then add the brown sugar and the salt. Add the zest and the flax egg, whisk well. Finally add the milk and the oil, combine with a balloon whisk and then use a spatula to check that you have scraped everything from the bottom of the bowl. 

Bake at 130C fan in a small baking tray. 

Mango custard 

200g almond milk 

150g mango puree 

Juice of 1 lemon

30g caster sugar

25g cornflour 

Warm the milk, the puree and the lemon juice together, then pour on the caster sugar+cornflour and combine well before returning to the saucepan and to the stove. Keep whisking with a balloon whisk until the mixture thickens. 

Pour in the glass, after having placed the sponge (I cut it in tiny cubes) and the strawberry slices. Let set in the fridge for at least 30’ . When set, spread the passion fruit contents on this layer. 

Coconut pannacotta 

200g coconut milk 

1/2 tsp agar agar+10g water to dissolve

1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste 

Warm coconut milk and vanilla together, then add the agar agar and bring the mixture to 90C. Pour on the passion fruit layer and let set for 2h’. 

Spritz cookie 

115g vegan butter 

100g caster sugar 

30g almond milk+vanilla extract (1 tsp)

150g flour + 1/4tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt 

Cream the butter with the sugar, then slowly add the almond milk while beating. Add the flour and baking powder mix  in 4 batches and then add the salt. Mix with electric beater for a few seconds until smooth and silky. Transfer to a piping bag with the tip of your choice and pipe your cookies. Bake at fan oven 160C for 20’. 

Remove the parfaits from the fridge and lay some strawberry slices on top of the pannacotta. Whip some vegan whipping cream or the thickest part of a can of coconut milk that has been in the fridge overnight and pipe it on the glass, then add your favourite spritz cookie to decorate. 

enjoy 🙂


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