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Vegan Parisian flan with puff pastry

I loved every single bite of this vegan flan parisien, which I made with home made vegan puff pastry (but you can use store bought and it is much quicker!).

I decided to make this silly reel because I loved the texture so much, it was so rewarding and silky 🥰 and I loved the wobble, it was perfection 🤯 and it’s so easy to make. 


1)To make the Puff pastry:

First dough:

228g flour

5g salt

68g vegan butter

96g ice cold water 

Mix flour and butter and salt well, then add cold water, knead until not too elastic and chill 30’.

Butter layer:Mix 40g flour and 210g vegan butter and shape in a 32x16cm rectangle and chill 20’.

Roll out the first dough 32×32 then place the butter rectangle at the centre and wrap with the rest of the dough. Rest 30’ in fridge, then roll out 20x50cm and do a single fold. Rest 1h and to a double fold. Repeat both folds and let rest overnight before using. 

2)To make the flan:

Line the tin with the puff pastry and freeze it for about 1h.

Custard (soya free)

700ml almond milk 

1 vanilla bean

2.6 agar agar+10g water (to dissolve it)

75g coconut cream (scoop the upper part of a coconut milk can after letting it sit overnight in the fridge)

65g cornflour 

170g light brown sugar 

1/2 tsp turmeric 

80g g vegan butter


Peach jam (or apricot)

Make the custard: warm the milk, the coconut cream and the vanilla bean. When the mixture is warm stir in the agar agar and keep cooking and whisking for a minute or two. Then pour in a bowl where you have sifted the sugar turmeric and cornflour together and whisk well to combine. Return to the stove and keep cooking and whisking until the mixture thickens – literally it’s just like making a custard but with the agar agar. Finally incorporated the cubed vegan butter with a balloon whisk until the cream is silky.

Remove the tin with the puff pastry from the freezer and  immediately pour the custard in. Put in the oven and bake ~1h at 170C fan. Since every oven is different start taking a look at 45’. You want the top to look like mine and the flan to have a gentle wobble in the middle. I wouldn’t (ever) leave it longer than 1h. 

Warm some peach jam in a pan and brush it on the top of the flan before serving. Enjoy 💚


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