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Can you vote for me for The Greatest Baker competition? :)

Hi! This post is a bit different from the usual recipes, but I have been selected to compete on an online baking competition, The Greatest Baker and I am over the moon 🙂

The jury has selected the applicants, but the rest is up to you! If you like my bakes, could you please vote for me?

Link to vote:

I found my passion for baking a year ago – I did enjoy baking and cooking before, but I had never put my mind into it the way I recently started to. And despite the inherent obstacles, I want to show and share how plant based baking can be as amazing!

Thank you for having taken the time to read this post (and the previous ones!) and for supporting me in this!



Link to vote:


By cakefiles

Baking blogger with a particular interest in vegan patisserie.

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