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Berries and chocolate tart (vegan)

Hello! I hope your week is going well. The previous week was quite a disappointing one, and left me very stressed and without energies, but I am trying to face the current week trying to leave the past one behind. Is it working? Not really. But I there are a couple of things that help keep my morale kind of okay, one of which is baking. I baked this tart last week but I was thinking of baking it again, because it was such a delight to eat!

It is made of:

  • sweet shortcrust pastry
  • dark chocolate ganache
  • berry cream

I totally recommend this recipe, it came out so delicious and it’s such a simple tart!



240g flour

120g butter 

30g almond flour

80g icing sugar 

30g water

Mix flour and butter until you reach a breadcrumb like texture, then incorporate the icing sugar, the almond flour and finally the water. Bring the pastry together quickly, flatten into a disc, cover with cling film and let sit 1h in the fridge. Then roll it out, cover your tart ring and freeze for 30’ before blind baking at 170C for 10 minutes with baking beans in and 15-20 minutes without, or when the pastry is golden brown. 


150ml coconut milk 

150g dark chocolate finely chopped 

50g vegan butter

Heat the coconut milk without bringing to a boil, then pour on the chopped chocolate and let sit. After a minute or two whisk and move to a blending glass. Emulsify and add the butter when the mixture reaches 35C or below. Pour in the baked shell and let set in the fridge.


Berry layer

360 coconut milk 

20 lemon juice

24g cornflour 

1 1/2 tsp agar

90g sugar 

Blueberry powder 

Black carrot powder

Beetroot powder 

Raspberry powder

Strawberry powder 

Heat the coconut milk and then add the agar agar cooking for a couple of minutes. Divide the mixture in 3-5 bowls: in each of the bowl put one of the berry powders and use the others to create the colours you prefer to create your colorful dream tart! Pour on the set ganache and create your design. Let set and decorate with fresh fruit and flowers 🌸


By cakefiles

Baking blogger with a particular interest in vegan patisserie.

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