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Persian love cake inspired gateau (vegan)

Hello! Happy Friday. I needed this week to come to and end, it’s been intensive and very difficult and I am so glad I will now have time to bake, walk, relax, watch movies, and do all the things I love without constantly worrying. The worry will stay there, popping out from time to time, because it has never happened that I had a day completely mentally unplugged from work, but it’s fine. This is the best I can do to relax and I’ll take it. All.

Last weekend I created this gateau, it’s a layered tart inspired by the flavours of the Persian love cake, that is pistachio, cardamom and rose water. I love all three flavours and I though why not.

I am so pleased with the result, it was a joy to eat and possibly my favourite tarte so far. I adore rose water but I am well conscious of the potential soapiness lurking in the dark and waiting to strike and ruin your dessert – I found that this dose I use is perfect and doesn’t ruin anything. Read below for ingredients and procedure. I really hope you give this a try because it’s so lovely 🙂 If you do, let me know here or on Instagram @cake_files_


Pistachio sable crust  

Pistachio orange cake 

Pistachio cardamom croustilland 

Orange creme pat

Rosewater cardamom namelaka 

(note: If you don’t have a mould for the namelaka, it’s going to be even easier: it is so easy to pipe it, because it is very velvety and holds its shape very well.)

Ingredients and procedure: 

Pistachio sable crust + decorated with dried edible flowers and leaves

160 g flour

100 g butter – it should be cold and cubed

60 g icing sugar

Zest of 1 orange 

40 g finely ground pistachios

Pinch of salt

1 tsp ground cardamom

20g melted vegan white chocolate

(edible dry flowers – fac)

Push the butter in the flour salt and the icing sugar until incorporated. Add the ground pistachios, the zest of 1 orange and the cardamom. finally, add the melted chocolate, shape in a ball and chill, covered in cling film, for 1h. Blind bake at 150C fan for 15 -20 minutes.

Pistachio cake 

100g sf flour 

3/4 tsp baking powder

100g brown sugar 

2 tbsp cocoa powder

50g pistachio flour 

180ml almond milk 

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 

60ml oil 

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl, well sifted. In another bowl combine the wet ingredients, stirring well. Pour the wet ingredients in the dry ones. Once you have combined, bake immediately (this is due to the vinegar). Pour the batter in the blind baked crust: you will probably have some batter left, as you still need to incorporate some layers, so try to pour 5mm of batter and no more. Finish baking at 160 fan for 20 minutes. If the crust looks too dark, cover it with foil.

Take the tart out and immediately press the dried edible flowers on the crust: the eat will work on the oils in the petals and will make them adhere.

Pistachio croustillant 

100 g Dark chocolate 

50 g chopped pistachios

30g caster sugar

12g water

8 cardamom pods crushed and seeds then ground

Melt the dark chocolate. In the meantime, make the pistachio praline: cook the sugar and the water without stirring. Once the temperature reaches 115C, pour in the chopped pistachios and let caramelise. Once you are happy with the caramelisation, remove and pour on parchment paper spreading well. Once cold, break down the clusters, and reserve some pistachio halves for decoration.

Add the pistachio praline to the melted chocolate, together with the cardamom. Spread evenly creating a circle that has to fit the tart. This layer will go on top of the sponge.

Orange creme pat

125 g coconut milk

125 g heavy cream 

60g orange juice

Juice of 1 orange

zest 2 oranges

35g cornflour

60g caster sugar

40g brown sugar

Heat the heavy cream and the coconut milk, and the orange juice together with the orange zest. Pour over the cornflour and sugar mix, whisk well and them bring back on the flame and keep whisking until it thickens. Remove from the heat and keep whisking for some more minutes, then cover with cling film touching the top to prevent the skin from forming and let cool. Pour this on the croustillant layer (once it is firm); this has to reach the top of the crust, as the namelaka will sit on top. If you don’t have a mould for the namelaka, it’s going to be even easier: it is so easy to pipe it, because it is very velvety and holds its shape very well.

Rosewater namelaka

64 g almond milk (unsweetened)

4 g agave syrup 

1,6 g agar + 8 g cold water 

112 g vegan white chocolate 

128 g heavy cream

10 cardamom pods crushed 

1 1/2 tbsp rosewater 

Heat the milk with the agave syrup and the cardamom pods. Let rest for 1h to infuse, then discard the pods. Re heat the milk and pour in the agar agar bloomed with the water. Whisk well and bring to 90C. Melt the white chocolate and put in a bowl. Pour the warm milk on the chocolate in 3 batches, whisking well. Then move to a blending glass and blend. Once the mixture reaches 40C, add the heavy cream and blend and then the rosewater. Transfer to your mould or a baking dish if piping and let rest for 12h. If using the mould, after this time transfer to the freezer for 1h, otherwise it will be impossible to remove it because of its silkiness.

Place the namelaka on top of the cake and decorate with some pistachio praline and whatever you like. I used rosebuds that I use for infusions, I thought it could be nice to serve it like this and then infuse some tea 🙂


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