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Vegan white chocolate coated madeleines

Happy Monday 🙂 Today I am sharing with you exactly how I made these madeleines, recipe and procedure for the neat coating.

I love madeleines, they are fluffy and soft and cute, they are light and airy and make a good snack (and if baked with some tricks they can be quite healthy and diet friendly). However, after 24h maximum they become so hard, so I recommend either making these in the morning and having them as an afternoon treat or making them in the evening and having them as breakfast (for the few hours that those will be around, store them in an airtight container, no fridge or they will become mushy). The dark side of most of French pastry staples is that they have a half life of 24-36 hours before becoming practically inedible. However, as long as they are within that window, they are incredible.


75g cup caster sugar 

60g refined coconut oil – do you don’t taste the coconut

2 tbsp ground flax seeds + 57g cup of apple (or whatever flavour) juice/water. Let sit for 5 minutes. 

~30g (small) almond milk – add it in tbsps just to make sure 

30g Greek oat yogurt – I used oat because it’s quite sweet and you can reduce the sugar content

125g all purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder 

1tsp vanilla bean paste

1tsp turmeric – for the colour 

Beat the two first ingredients (coconut oil and sugar) like there is no tomorrow. Once looking fluffy you can go ahead. Add in a glass or bowl the flax+juice, the milk, the vanilla bean paste and the yogurt. In another bowl, sift the flower, the baking powder and the turmeric. Incorporate the flour mix and the wet mix in alternate batches in the oil mix. Do not overmix, I folded. 

Chill the batter overnight. The day after before baking, freeze the silicone moulds for 30′.

Brush the silicone moulds with 15g melted butter. Pour the batter in the moulds filling only half, so that the madeleines can have their characteristic bump. Bake 3 minutes at 220C (fan), then turn off the oven for 7 minutes and 4-5 more minutes at 160C. Let cool.  

For the chocolate glaze (these are the classic proportions to do white chocolate from cocoa butter, there are tons of recipes out there, this is what I used)

70g melted cocoa butter 

22g vegetable milk powder

25g icing sugar

1 Tbsp lingonberry powder

(Or Powder coloring of your choice)

Procedure: do the white chocolate melting the cocoa butter and whisking in all the sifted powders. Pour in your silicone mould filling as much as you did for the madeleines and press the cooled Madeleine in the mould. Let set in a cool dry place for 2h +30′ in the fridge – I do not leave them in the fridge too long because it dries them out and I don’t want to leave them too long in general (hence using the fridge for a bit) because the day after madeleines become hard as rocks 😦 . 

Enjoy with a good book and a good cup of tea (or coffee!).

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