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No bake cherry matcha “cheesecake” (vegan, gf)

 Gluten free and vegan 🙂 It’s also super simple and the figs can be substituted with dates or dried apricots, as well as the cranberries can be barberries or similar ***berries 🙂 

Technically its made with greek vegan yogurt, but yogucacke did not sound nice. 

For the basis: 

50 g Oats 

50 g Dry cranberries 

50g Figs (left underwater for 30 minutes)

Blend the basis ingredients together.

For the cherry filling: 

200g Greek yogurt – I used Alpro’s because it’s the one I like best as a snack, and for savory dishes too, so it’s my go-to greek yogurt for everything and its’ delicious 

100g Cherry puree (Made with frozen cherries, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp pectin, 1 lemon zest)

15g coconut oil 

For the matcha lemon filling: 

100g Greek Yogurt

32g lemon juice

40g water 

2,5 g pectin

1g citrus fibre emulsifier 

20g sugar 

15g coconut oil

1 tsp matcha powder 


  1. Blend the oats, the dry cranberries and the figs together and push in the mould to create a compact basis for your cheesecake. Freeze while you prepare the rest. 
  2. Make the compote: I had frozen cherries, but you can use whatever fruit you prefer as long as you stick to the doses. Cook the cherries on a low heat with a splash of water, 1/2 tbsp sugar and the zest of a lemon. Once tender and well cooked, move to a blending glass or to a mixer and blend until you will have a silky and smooth cream. Finally, when the cream is almost cooled, add 1 tbsp of coconut oil and blend. Let cool down completely.
  3. Make the lemon matcha cream: 
  4. Divide the greek yogurt in 2 parts; in one whisk in the matcha cream, in the other whisk in the compote. 
  5. Pour the matcha filling in the tin and freeze for at least 30 minutes or until it looks quite set. 
  6. Pour the cherry filling in the tin and freeze for approximately 1h 30 minutes. 
I ate mine on the balcony in the sheer cold only because there was a ray of sun and I needed to get out :O

Enjoy 🙂 

If you try this let me know how it goes here or on instagram @cake_files_ !


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