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Pomegranate, kiwi and pistachio tartlets (vegan)

I love pomegranate. It’s sweet and juicy and looks like a chest full of sparkly rubies. However, maybe because it’s difficult to eat when you are not at home, or because it takes quite a bit to clean it or for other mysterious forms of laziness, I just rarely buy it. Even though when I receive my veggie box I always do a celebratory dance for pomegranates (and blueberries, sweetcorn and mushrooms). This time one of the pomegranates went into a great burnt aubergine recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi (most of the savory dishes we cook during the week are based on Plenty or Plenty More recipes tweaked for our needs) and the other one was sitting there and I just couldn’t stand the idea of simply eating it. So I decided to pair with pistachios (a great great match) and kiwis (from the veggie box as well😂) and to bake small fruit based tartlets that are pretty light and are a great healthy mini dessert than can be enjoyed guilt free. 


Pistachio sablee crust 

Kiwi cream

Pomegranate gel 

Agave glaze

The recipe is for 3 tartlets! (I designed it to avoid having too much yummy food around the house)

Crust: Pistachio sablee x 2/3 tartlets 

45 g flour + some for dusting

20 g cornflour

25g icing sugar

1 g salt

30 g pistachio flour 

40 g cold vegan butter cubed 

10g soy milk 

1 tsp tahini 

20g melted vegan chocolate (possibly not dark but more “milky” or a ~45% one)

After having sifted the powders together, start incorporating the butter in the dry mix. Once incorporated, add the tahini and the chocolate, mix well and finally add the soy milk (I add it tbsp by tbsp just to make sure I am not adding too much). The dough should come together easily and be smooth, soft but not sticky. 

For the kiwi pastry cream: 

2 kiwis puréed for 100g 

6g Pectin

1,5g Emulsifier

70g Caster sugar

50g Coconut oil

Heat the purée, with the pectin, the sugar and the emulsifier to 82 C. Then let cool at 40 before blending with the coconut oil. Cover with cling film and let rest in the fridge for at least 1h.

For the pomegranate gel: 

50g pomegranate juice 

0.8g agar agar

10g caster sugar

Mix the ingredients and bring to 90 C, then pour, cover with cling film and let set in the fridge for hours. 

Fill the tartlets with the kiwi cream and decorate with the pomegranate gelee and the kiwi cream with a piping bag.

Put the remaining pomegranate seeds in a mixture of lemon juice and agave syrup before decorating the tartlet. Finally, sprinkle with some ground pistachio for crunch and colour! 

If you try this let me know with a message, comment or on instagram @cake_files_ !


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